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Dance has played and continues to play a significant role in who I am today. The meaning of dance and art has changed for me over the years, but two things have always remained. Dance is the visual embodiment of emotions and experiences throughout life and art is how humans connect non-verbally to one another. Without art, there would be an immense amount of subconscious thoughts that never get fully realized. I strongly believe impulsive choreography and dance for the sake of movement alone always has an underlying meaning whether it is realized or not. If artists couldn’t express these thoughts, feelings, and ideas then we would lose the ability to connect with each other non-verbally. Not everything can be fully expressed through words and requires visual communication.


Additionally, dance exists as the medium to express feelings and evoke emotions or thought from viewers and dancers alike. I see the world in a new light because of my experience with dance and it has made me the empathetic and thoughtful person I am. When I choreograph and perform, I hope to encourage others to look at something in a new light. I find my most passionate pieces are the ones when the meaning is vague so that the audience member has the ability to interpret the dance how they wish. This allows my pieces to be related to a vast amount of viewers and helps them to see things from a new approach. Empathy through movement if you will. Dance helps me to touch into others’ emotions and thoughts. Without dance, I would not be the intentional and empathic person I have grown to become and love.

"I have been working with Lachan for two years now and I have learned so much! Using a combination of abstract modern and classical technique, every piece I have done is so amazingly well thought out and special. Lachan works with every dancer to make sure their voice is heard and visible through the movement as well. Her choreography is always so enjoyable to both watch and perform."

Jillian J.

"Lachan has taught both my ballet and competition classes for the past two years. Even with COVID complications, she managed to maintain much-needed continuity and structure during our time together. Her choreography is unique compared to other instructors I’ve had in the past but her style is flattering and elegant on all of her students. Agility and grace are emphasized in her works, especially in the more contemporary movements. Working in her style has taught me so much about traditional technique as well as experimenting with movement in my own ways."

Sydney K.

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